Olathe Gem and Mineral Society

Major Rock Find

 We were fortunate to have a lady call this summer who had a lifetime collection of rough rocks that she and her husband had collected over many years and wanted to get them out of her basement.  After sending out an email to all our members we went there and paid her $100.00 for the entire lot.  We then hauled them back to Brock's house and dumped them next to a fence. Each member who helped go get the rocks filled a 5 gallon bucket and paid the club $10.00.  We were able to recoup $80.00 of the money the club paid for the collection and still have lots left to choose from. We decided that we would sell any of the remaining to any club member who is interested at 10 cents per pound. You may go see them at Brock's house, but please call him first to be sure that he will be there!  Some pictures follow of the people who helped and the rocks that are still left.



Logo Contest

We recently changed the club name to avoid confusion with another club in the area. In connection with this we had a contest to design a new logo for our club. By far the most energetic member to submit designs was Kaylee Woltman, a thirteen year old budding artist and youth member of our club.  She won the $50.00 contest payout for the winning entry.  Here is a picture of her holding the winning and runner up entries, both designed by her.