Olathe Gem and Mineral Society

Rocks and Findings

Our founder and special teacher, Sig Ross, passed this year.  There have been several sales at his house, sponsored by his son, Ken Ross. 
Any future sales events will notified to the members via email.  
We sponsored a booth at the Gem and Mineral Show and we sold some of his inventory that will benefit his surviving wife, Marilyn Ross.

Logo Contest

We recently changed the club name to avoid confusion with another club in the area. In connection with this we had a contest to design a new logo for our club. By far the most energetic member to submit designs was Kaylee Woltman, a thirteen year old budding artist and youth member of our club.  She won the $50.00 contest payout for the winning entry.  Here is a picture of her holding the winning and runner up entries, both designed by her.